For bees,
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By supporting Latina Honey, you are helping biodiversity

By eating Fairtrade honey from Latin America, more bees will be pollinating native plants. You will also be supporting farming communities and their families and their well-being, since they will be able to live off their work. You will encourage producers not to use pesticides, and to take care of the environment.

The end result of all this will be a rich, healthy and sustainable product. Many people will smile as much as you do when you taste our honey.

Latina Honey,

healthy for the planet,

healthy for you.

Bees are best known for their ability to produce honey. However, the main contribution of bees is linked to their great environmental value. Bees are sentinels of ecosystems and they favor the biodiversity of species.

Bees play a central role in the reproductive life of ecosystems and consequently in the survival of humanity. An increase in the death of bees is a clear indicator of the degradation of biodiversity.

Bees are the most valuable pollinators in the world. Pollination is the transfer of pollen grains from the male organs of a flower to the female organs. This process is essential for the production of many high-value crops, such as almonds, apples, avocados, blueberries and cherries, which depend almost entirely on the pollination that bees carry out. The intervention of pollinators creates the necessary conditions for the production of most of our food. The role of these small insects in agriculture is gigantic since one of every three bites of food that we eat depends on honey bees for pollination.

We, the producers want to invite you to reflect on what actions we can take to help protect bees. Consuming pure honey like LatinaHoney is an opportunity to take care of our bees and support the sustainable expansion of the beekeeping activity for the benefit of us all.

Impact Stories


Cooperativa de Trabajo Coop Sol.
Ruta Prov. N°5, km 6, La Banda.
Santiago del Estero. ARGENTINA


Cooperativa Integral de Produccion Apicultores de Cuilco. Sosi Chiquito,


EDUCE Sociedad Cooperativa R.L.
Calle 53-C, # 410 x 58 y 60.
Merida. MEXICO

Biofach 2022

The presentation of the LATINA HONEY campaign at BIOFACH in Nürenberg, Germany, took place at 10:30 am at the Fairtrade Germany stand (7-160). The importance of bees and fair trade beekeeping was highlighted. And as well as producing a delicious, healthy and socially responsible honey; Additionally, bees pollinate crops and favor biodiversity.

Corina Nienhaus, responsible for the supply chain of Fairtrade Germany, was in charge of welcoming Latina Honey in the Fairtrade pavilion and highlighted the importance of these joint activities between producers represented by CLAC and Fairtrade.

The president of the MIEL Network and director of the EDUCE cooperative, Miguel Angel Munguia, highlighted the importance of the campaign for producers, and how thanks to it they manage to increase their yield and the quality of life of their families. As well as the increase in native biodiversity and the number of bees. She also highlighted how important this type of initiative is in the fight against climate change and gender equality, important pillars of Latina Honey.

Norberto Gugliotta, coordinator of the MIEL Network, emphasized the positive impact that beekeeping has on the planet and how a communication campaign such as Latina Honey helps raise awareness in the market about the importance of beekeeping. In addition, as the consumption of honey is a tool for consumers to support the multiplication of bees and the improvement of biodiversity.

CLAC (Latin American and Caribbean Coordinator of Small Producers and Fair Trade Workers) brings together honey producers in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina, this Honey Network is made up of 27 fairtrade certified cooperatives, integrated by 4,326 beekeepers and produces 10,655 tons of honey per year.

“For the bees, the trees and the people” says the motto of this campaign and its mission is to represent and promote the interests of its members and the community. Its objective is based on promoting fair trade and the values of its members, combining the inclusion of young people, gender equality, social protection, labor rights, the fight against climate change, food sovereignty and biodiversity.

Honey Homelands

Bees are the most valuable pollinator in the world
The importance of the activity of bees for the enviroment
Organic beekeeping, wich contributes to protetecting bees

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