Latina Honey:
Fairtrade certified honeys from Latin America

These honeys have the guarantee of being produced by artisan beekeepers certified under Fairtrade quality standards

General Information about production:

Total producers: 4326 beekeepers

Total beehives


Fairtrade and organic certified number of total FT-certified coops

27 organizations

Tons produced:

Tons sold Fairtrade: 4659

Amount of the fairtrade premium:

964682 euros

about us

CLAC Fairtrade Network

The CLAC Honey Producers Network represents more than 4000 beekeepers of Fairtrade certified in Latin America and the Caribbean. The mision of the network is to represent and promote the interests, the empowerment and the development of its members and their communities, thus protecting the environment. Our objectives are to promote fair trade, its principles and values, combining gender issues, Youth Inclusion, Social Protection, Labor Rights, Climate Change and Food Sovereignty. The Latin American and Caribbean Network of Fairtrade Small Producers and Workers (CLAC) is the voice of small beekeepers in the face of climate change. One of the most visible effects for them is the changes in the rain regimes: these no longer coincide with the flowering seasons, causing a substantial drop in honey production. If producers do not respond with adequate management to face droughts, there is a high probability that the colonies will swarm, the queen will leave the hive in search of new horizons and the entire colony will follow, thus, the beekeeper will lose all the capital invested in the hive and the bees. In addition, what is happening is a generalized decrease in the bee population due to variations in temperatures; increased moisture in honey due to lack of bees; an increase in previously undetected pests and diseases; and a general change in the behavior of the bees themselves. Faced with these situations, we are seeking the opening of international markets to stimulate the productive development of our honeys, looking for their sustainability as a product, and the environmental effect that their existence generates in the world, by helping biodiversity thanks to the pollination of our bees. At CLAC we promote responsible and sustainable production and consumption patterns. The preservation of bees through caring for the environment, afforestation, which allows wild flora to grow, and planting native species are some examples of how we can give back to bees for their indispensable work for the life of the planet.

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