Latina Honey

Latina Honey is the denomination of origin for Fairtrade certified honeys from Latin America. It is a brand that shows the specific virtues and values of the best honeys from a unique geographical and cultural area.

Healthy Honey

They are the best honeys because they are healthy, energetic and they involve a broader and more comprehensive quality concept.

Latina Honey honeys are different for their purity and for the peculiarities of the vegetation and the climate of the region. They are developed in special and protected areas away from the use of pesticides. There, the power of the honey product is complemented with ethical responses, such as environmental sustainability and the equitable distribution and transparency of the profit among those who produce it.

These honeys have the guarantee of being produced by artisan beekeepers certified under Fairtrade quality standards. They are the result of the values of the producers’ families and their hopes, all together in pursuit of protecting bees and the environment.

Latina Honey is a product of unbeatable quality that is appreciated by consumers for its good taste, consistency and purity.

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